Dr.-Ing. V. A. Sartakov


Years Degree University
2013 – 2018 Dr.-Ing. Technical University Braunschweig
2014 – 2016 Master National Research University Higher School of Economics
2005 – 2010 Engineer National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Research Experience

[2018 –] Research Associate at Imperial College London

My research is devoted to trusted systems.

[2013 – 2018] Reseacher in TU Braunschweig

I was a remote PhD student (2013 – 2016) and joined the group as a full researcher in 2017. My research is devoted to persistent and trusted systems. My major projects:

[2011 – 2017] R&D bootstrapper in “ksys labs”

I established and led a small R&D group which was involved in technology transfer, applied research, experimental development in the field of information security. My responsibilities included:

Major projects I managed and contributed to:


[2009 – 2011] Senior Embedded Software Developer in Ebookapplications

I was a leader of a group of developers dealing with eBooks software development. Our main clients were ORSIO and COSCOM. My responsibilities included managing of all development process, assignment of tasks, and questions relating to architecture and further software development. Also, I solved the most challenging technical issues.

Main projects:

[2008-2009] Linux Kernel Developer in RTSoft/Montavista

I was a member of a Cavium Networks dedicated team. My responsibilities included:


Vasily A. Sartakov, Rüdiger Kapitza: Protecting Secrets of Persistent Systems with Volatility, in Proceedings of the 15th European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC), IEEE, 2019 (AR: 22/50 = 44%)

Vasily A. Sartakov, Stefan Brenner, Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Sara Bouchenak, Gaël Thomas and Rüdiger Kapitza: EActors: Fast and flexible trusted computing using SGX, in 19th International Middleware Conference Proceedings (MIDDLEWARE), ACM, 2018 (AR: 22/95 = 23%)

Vasily A. Sartakov, Nico Weichbrodt, Sebastian Krieter, Thomas Leich and Rüdiger Kapitza: STANlite - a database engine for secure data processing at rack-scale level, in IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), IEEE, 2018 (AR: 12/63 = 19%)

Vasily A. Sartakov and Rüdiger Kapitza: Multi-site synchronous VM replication for persistent systems with asymmetric read/write latencies, in 22nd IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC), 2017 (AR: 30/53 = 57%)

Vasily A. Sartakov, Arthur Martens and Rüdiger Kapitza: Temporality a NVRAM-based virtualization platform, in 34th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS), IEEE, 2015 (AR: 27/81 = 33%)

Vasily A. Sartakov: Ontological Representation of Networks for IDS in Cyber-Physical Systems, in Analysis of Images, Social Networks and Texts (AIST), 2015, (AR: n/a)

Vasily A. Sartakov and Rüdiger Kapitza: NV-Hypervisor: Hypervisor-based Persistence for Virtual Machines, in Workshop on Dependability of Clouds, Data Centers and Virtual Machine Technology (DCDV), 2014 (AR: n/a)

Open Source Conferences

Vasily A. Sartakov, Experimental developments on top of microkernels: expectations, reality, experience // Fourth NICTA Software Systems Summer School. 2016. Sydney

Cloud services on top of uKernel // FOSDEM, Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting. 2015. Brussels.

uKernel devroom report // Moscow Virtualisation Meetup. 2014. Moscow.

Security Gap // FOSDEM, Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting. 2014. Brussels.

Virtualisation (in general) // Virtualisation day of Fedora. 2013. Moscow.

Microkernels and You - long path of the small project // FOSDEM, Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting. 2013. Brussels.

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