Summer Systems School

Summer Systems School

5-6 August, Moscow

A broad spectrum of advancements and experience in the area of information security enables us to provide comprehensive services in design, development and implementation of infosec investigation, including:

  • Participation in joint development of trusted solutions and information security tools, which fulfill the requirements specific to Russia, including those of government agencies.
  • Adjustments and modifications of IT solutions in compliance with the requirements of Russian Federation in the aspect of information security, including setup and execution of infosec investigation.
  • Fine-tuning of our software and hardware products according to the needs of our clients.
  • Information systems research, development of information security projects conforming to to the requirements of Russian Federation, implementation and organization of infosec investigation execution.

We specialize in using the existing tools as well as conducting our own research in order to develop new ones. Read more about this in the Research section.

Participation in joint development projects

The ksys labs professionals are always on the look for collaborative opportunities in the development of software and software-hardware products. We are prepared to share our expertise and find security solutions in concerted effort with our colleagues, as well as provide consultations and evaluate the solutions being developed for compliance with Russian regulations.

We offer our services in the area of trusted solutions and information security based on our own research and products. The information security systems we have developed are highly reliable and fulfill the exacting requirements of the Federal Security Service of Russian Federation.