The Glasses of Augmented Reality ========== AR In RL – Augmented Reality In Real Life ----------- The objective of this project has been the design and development of a portable, head-mounted augmented reality device, intended for everyday use. The essential requirements have been: * The immersion effect - objects of secondary importance must have looked realistic enough so as not to cause the sensation of artificial environment * The device must have been lightweight, portable, with the battery life of 3-4 hours without recharging, wires, or additional devices Consequently, the task has been to develop a hardware platform (we have chosen to build it around the TI OMAP3 processor) and implement the marker recognition and 3D reconstruction algorithms compatible with its architecture. A series of tests has been conducted involving the RANSAC (RANdom SAmple Consensus) and Hough Transform algorithms, parallel tracking (PTAM) and Augmented Reality(ARToolkit) libraries; finally, a prototype of the system fulfilling the requirements has been created. The outcome of the project has been a prototype of the Glasses of Augmented Reality, which has fulfilled the initial requirements. However, the object recognition functionality of the prototype has been shown to decrease greatly with distance, resulting in a sensation of discomfort when used. Currently the project is hibernated. The last results are available for viewing on our Youtube channel [1]. 1.