Research is the main line of our company's operation. We specialize in high-performance embedded systems, and each of our labs makes a contribution to the collective effort. The two main research facilities of ksys labs are the Operating Systems Lab and the Lab of Cryptography and Systems Engineering. Operating Systems Lab ---------- This lab concentrates on developing secure and trusted operating systems. We develop the Fiasco microkernel operating system, moving it to new, contemporary platforms and expanding its functionality set. We also participate in the project of paravirtualization of L4Linux and L4Android. In addition to microkernel operating systems, we develop our own Linux distribution for the Freescale QorIQ platform. The Information Security Lab ---------- One of the lines of research is the development of information security tools and systems using cryptography. The lab conducts research in the area of optimized software implementation of cryptography protocols during information transfer via network channels. The main research objectives are: * Development of approaches to the implementation of cryptographic protocols, which are the most efficient for a given electronic platform * Development of high-performance programmatic ways of implementing cryptography protocols for a chosen hardware platform * Research of approaches to cryptographic protocols implementation for symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessor systems, including massively parallel systems * Development of approaches to efficient implementation of cryptographic protocols based on programmable logic control systems (PLCs) * Development of software and hardware products employing cryptographic algorithms resistant to errors and outside interference Machine Vision Lab ---------- The lab of machine vision is an enthusiastic team of professionals who conduct research in the area of image recognition as applicable to embedded systems. That is, all projects of this lab are essentially mobile hardware-software combinations where electronic engineering meets programming and math. ---------------------------------------------------------- Open Source Contribution ========== The repository[1] contains our work for Fiasco.OC, L4Re, L4Linux and Genode. Currently, it consists of: ---------- * Genode: the Gumstix platform support - display drivers, touchscreen * L4Re: ported libraries freetype2, openssl, Disko GUI and others * L4Linux: hardware support for the Gumstix platform - twl, USB OTG, nand, McBsp, I2C, GPIO Currently in development ---------- * Support for the OMAP4 platform - Pandaboard * HL4Linux - A set of security enhancement tools for the L4Linux paravirtualization system [1] -------------------------------------------------- Publications ========== An account of development and testing of an embedded microkernel operating system V. A.. Sartakov, I. O. Atovmian, M. A.. Zayeva "Прикладная Информатика", "Prikladnaya Informatika" (Applied Informatics), the magazine, No. 6(36) 2011, Moscow, Russia The process of development an embedded operating system based on the GNU/Mach microkernel is described. The development was performed by porting the GNU/Mach microkernel to the ARM architecture, followed by creating an Ethernet driver and launching the TCP/IP stack as separate module servers. Comparative production assessments are given. --------------------------------------------------