Operating Systems Lab ========== Design/development of a modular microkernel OS ---------- * OS adaptation to various architectures such as PowerPC and ARM. * Expansion of the available choice of servers with support for peripheral devices * Development of a paravirtualization system, adaptation of a guest OS to various hardware platforms * Design and development of internal communication tools for data exchange between OS processes or containers and virtual machines Studies of software attack methods and defensive OS tools ---------- * Adaptation of the defense tools protecting from stack smashing and heap overflow attacks * Studies of architectural features of OS as applicable to integrity control of process execution threads Studies of methods of static and dynamic process control and modeling ---------- * Development of architecture providing external dynamic control over integrity and authenticity of process execution threads in a guest OS * Studies of issues of program execution model and verification of the code being executed against the model * Studies of approaches to effective implementation of trusted and controlled interaction between processes in a microkernel OS * Studies of issues of formal modeling of the OS kernel