Non-tech CV

Non-tech Non-Technical skills I have experience as an entrepreneur and manager in software development projects. I can develop and make use of strategy/ideology/forecasting methods. I founded a startup aimed at development of Head mounted augmented reality device (2010). I also have some non-professional experience, as Datacenter support engineer (2005), game engine developer (2006). I was involved in several strategy sessions:

2012, Foresight “E-Democracy”. Large session (80-90 ppl), I organized and managed one section. 2012, Foresight “Russia” - one of the largest Russian foresight, organized by ASI (Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Russia). I managed one section. 2011, Future workshop ‘Interdisciplinary projects, beauty and high-tech”. It was small session (12-14) for graduate students. I organized and managed that section. 2011, Development of Strategy and Ideology of Crowdfunding Project for Efim Ostrovskiy, co-founder of Marussia Virgin Racing 2010, Future workshop ‘Future of Russian GRI’. It was small session (6-8 ppl) with graduate students. I organized and managed that section.

Professional Experience

2011 — *, Ksys labs, Co-founder Bootstrapping a RnD department:

                                    2009 — 2011, Ebookapplications, Senior Embedded Software Developer
                                    I was a leader of a group of developers dealing with e-books software creation. Our main clients was ORSIO and COSCOM. My responsibilities included managing of all development process, assignment of tasks, and questions relating to architecture and further software development. In addition I solved the most challenging problems. Total count ebook with our firmware sold more than 10000.
                                    <strong>Language skills</strong>
                                    <p style="padding-left: 30px;">Russian - native
                                    English - B2/C1 (Upper-intermediate)
                                    German - A2.1, several courses in Goethe Schule</p>
                                    I have strong technical education. But i studied several courses in area of Philosophy of technique, Strategy and innovation management by myself.
                                    2012 Summer School on Advanced Computer Architecture and Compilation for High-Performance and Embedded Systems (ACACES 2012, HiPEAC Network of Excellence)
                                    2005-2010 Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)
                                    <p style="padding-left: 30px;">Department Cybernetics and Information security
                                    Specialist degree, Thesis - "GNU/Mach based embedded OS development"</p>
                                    2003-2005 Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI)
                                    <p style="padding-left: 30px;">Department Experimental and theoretical physics</p>
                                    Experience of developing and testing embedded microkernel operating system, (V. Sartakov, I. Atovmjan, M. Zaeva) in Applied informatics (rus)
                                    <strong>Technical Skills</strong>
                                    Various families of Operating Systems, Processors Architectures and Programming languages.
                                    Competencies in Security, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
                                    Strong knowledge of Digital Signals Processing and The Theory of Information.
                                    <strong>Technical Professional Experience</strong>
                                    2008 — 2009, Montavista Software, Linux Kernel Developer
                                    Cavium Networks dedicated team member.
                                    2007 — 2008, Lightcom, Unix Developer
                                    The "NetPing IPTester" device for network diagnostics has been developed (a full cycle of development, from the concept and bootstraping to working model).
                                    2004 — 2007, Akageo, Embedded Engineer
                                    Various embedded development projects.
                                    <strong>Personal Inforamtion</strong>
                                    DoB: 25.09.1985
                                    phone: +7 9636931137